Sunday Challenge - part 6
May 30, 2010

It has been a while since we did our last Sunday challenge. But this week we have a special guest at home, our niece from Albuquerque. My husband and I thought it would be fun to let her choose the theme for a Sunday Challenge. And our 14-year old niece picked the following theme.

The challenge : Chocolate, cantalope and beef

What I Made : 1) Chocolate marinated skirt steak with cantaloupe salsa; 2) white chocolate souffle with cantalope and raspberry sauce and candied beef jerky

Chocolate marinade skirt steak with cantalloupe salsa white chocolate souffle with cantaloupe and respberry sauce, candied beef jerky

My thought: I am glad for the ingredients she picked. As soon as she revealed the theme, many ideas came to mind and I decided to make two dishes which use all three ingredients. The part that I had to think a bit about was how I can incorporate the beef into the dessert. And with the hint of candied bacon that I read about somewhere, I decided to make candied beef jerky. Beef jerky has already some sweetness and I thought it would be very interesting. Overall, I think I did a good job on both dishes. I was disappointed that, with the cantalope salsa, you don't taste much of the chocolate from the meat. But when I ate the meat alone without salsa, I could taste the chocolate. Otherwise, they both turned out to be very flavourful dishes.

Judge's verdict: The beef was perfectly cooked and tender, and the salsa full of texture and flavor. I agree, however, that the chocolate hints were a bit too subtle. When I heard the concept I was expecting a more prominent mole sauce of some kind. Desert was stellar and I found myself snacking on the candied beef jerky the next day.


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