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August 25, 2015

If you live in NYC, you may have heard about Shalom Japan in Brooklyn. Since it opened in 2013, I have read a number of reviews in different publications about this unique Jewish-Japanese restaurant. I was intrigued. Naturally, I instantly added the restaurant into my to-go list.

My husband went there by himself one day in April for lunch. I could not join him because I had a meeting on that day but he told me how good the pastrami "omu-rice" (usually chicken rice wrapped with omelet) was and suggested that we go back there for dinner soon.

A few months later, summer was here, and we finally had a chance to go there for dinner.

Narcissa Cucumber ribon

(top left) Toro toast with scallion cream cheese
(top right) Spring Jew Egg
(bottom left) Fluke sashimi with sea beans and mustard
(bottom right) Berkshire pork chop schnitzel with tonkatsu sauce

Many of the items on their menu are familiar Japanese dishes but twisted and adapted, with Jewish ingredients (and vise-versa with Japanese ingredients for Jewish dishes). All the dishes we tried were actually very basic comfort food style in taste and presentation and nothing was really challenging or off the chart. Kind of what I do on a daily basis to make typical home cooking style dishes (in any cuisine) with whatever ingredients in the fridge that day. But sometimes simplicity well executed is exactly what you want.

I loved the fluke sashimi with mustard. Such a simple idea I never thought of. The mustard was not strong but very tasty. Just a hint of kick and it complimented the fresh raw fluke sashimi. I loved how the sea beans added more flavor of the ocean to this dish, too. Another of my favorites was the toro toast. Cream cheese is not a traditional Japanese ingredient but we love it and it was well applied here. You can actually find many cream cheese recipes with Japanese ingredients such as bonito flake, miso and wasabi and it actully works. So I am not surprised by the combination of cream cheese and toro.

We are slowly approaching fall in NYC. In Japan, fall is "the season of good appetite". Lots of great fall ingredients are waiting for us. I am very curious what Shalom Japan will do for fall flavors.

Shalom Japan
310 South Fourth St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 388-4012



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